Two sisters, two PR specialists

Irène and Cécile, two sisters both very passionate about communication, particularly media relations.

Both of them graduated from the prestigious Parisian communications school, EFAP, after which Irène started out with Nike France and Cécile with Disneyland Paris. Inquisitive by nature and extremely versatile, they specialised initially in the sports, lifestyle, beauty and healthcare sectors.

It was only natural then that they decided to join forces to come up with a modern and unique communication approach for the different projects entrusted to them. Irène and Cécile do much more than simply carry out a PR plan, they advise and accompany their clients throughout the whole process.

Their motto: behind every successful action and enhanced business, there is a comprehensive and personalised approach for the image of the particular brand or product. Enjoying the support of an excellent network, they get a real kick out of each PR challenge they encounter !

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