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   Media relations cover all steps taken with the media and journalists so as to obtain favourable coverage for the client or their products. The media coverage obtained is the real yardstick to evaluate the efficiency of media relations management. An appropriate PR strategy is absolutely necessary for efficient diffusion of the message the announcer would like to make. Full use of the various tools available such as the press kit and news releases is also of paramount importance.

The digital era

Internet has become an extremely powerful media and offers one of the primary sources of information. For some time now, media relations have seen a new development with the arrival of bloggers. Media professionals can thus directly interact with the target audience via blogs, forums and social media networks, diffusing the message to even larger audiences. The Irène & Cécile agency is proficient in Web 2.0 and uses it everyday for all its clients.

Excellent relationship skills

Excellent relationship skills are the cornerstone when it comes to building up media relations. A full address book and contacts as well as in-depth knowledge of the media, journalists and bloggers are also essential for the success of an efficient PR campaign. The Irène & Cécile agency boasts an excellent address book, with contacts in varying media; thanks to which it obtains varied quality coverage.

Added value PR

Unlike advertisements, coverage obtained through media relations is free. The journalist or blogger edits the news and lends credibility to the information we provide. An article is much more likely to have greater impact on the reader than a mere ad. The journalist guarantees the information and is often consulted by the reader, who appreciates the human touch and the quality of the information.


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